Icelandic Financial Services Association

SFF or the Icelandic Financial Services Association represent all registered financial companies in Iceland, including universal banks, investment banks, savings banks, insurance companies, leasing companies, securities companies and card companies.

SFF´s objectives are to promote a competitive operating environment for financial companies in Iceland and promote their interests internationally as well as to increase understanding of financial companies for the Icelandic economy.

Within the industry the SFF takes on tasks and co-ordinates efforts as regards issues that need to be addressed and where the member companies are legally allowed to co-operate. Via its efforts SFF strives for enabling its members to serve their customers in the best possible way.

Membership of SFF involves direct membership of the Confederation of Icelandic Employers (SA). SA negotiates collective bargaining agreements on behalf of SFF's member companies. SA as the umbrella organisation of the business sectors association in Iceland, with over 2000 member companies, has also the role to be the general advocate for an internationally competive legal and regulatory environment for all businesses in the country. SA is a member of Business Europe.